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Lil Tjay Speaks His Mind on “Leaked”

The Bronx’s Lil Tjay continues making waves. Release after release, his buzz and fanbase is growing rapidly. “Leaked” hasn’t even been out a week, and it has cultivated over 600k plays on Soundcloud. His numbers are impressive but it’s his talent that’s got everybody watching what he’s going to do next. 

Tjay references some real worries and situations that he’s been going through as of recent. He raps “Once I got a little clout, everybody know me” - for a 17-year-old, still trying to figure himself out, it’s a hard realization to know that not everyone is going to be around you for genuine reasons. Tjay at a young age is learning some hard/important lessons and so openly sharing what's on his mind. One can confidently say that with every release, there’s a newfound growth and confidence in Tjay’s content and delivery.

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