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We're in full orbit of Donna Missal's new track "Jupiter"

Donna Missal has released a truly celestial track. Her latest tune “Jupiter” has an intense, otherworldly beat. The New Jersey-native’s ethereal voice carries us out of the atmosphere to somewhere beyond. The track lands with her debut album This Time, available today.

It’s like staring up into space, contemplating love, desire, and every emotion that entangles itself in those two words. The song carries a beat worthy of quick obsession as Missal's voice soars through the chorus. An enticing track like this is not a surprise considering the songs Missal already has under her belt. “Keep Lying” of 2015 saw the world turn an ear to this new, expressive and powerful voice. Signed to Harvest Records, Missal is about to take off into the alternative music frontier. After several live and acoustic performances, people are taking notice. Not to mention Missal was Elvis Duran’s New Artist of the Month on The Today Show.

A sound like this cannot be missed. If “Jupiter” is any indication of Missal’s abilities in music, it’s only going to go up from here, and it's safe to say we're in full orbit around this star. 

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