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Take a journey with Byron Biroli in his latest visual for "Find A Way"

Far too much time has drifted by without any new music from Noir Wave crooner, Byron Biroli. Thankfully, the drought is over as Byron has blessed us with his video for “Find A Way.”

A lot is going on all at once in “Find A Way,” so let’s try and break it down step by step, shall we? Right when you hit play, your speakers will immediately fill with the wandering, buzzing sounds of insects and wildlife. Then, before you get a chance to process a thing, Byron fades into view, dressed in white, sporting a grin. From there, we follow a cheerful Byron as he sings and dances, traversing all sorts of climates.

While the visuals are stunning, especially with Byron's outfit starkly contrasting his background, it's the song itself that takes center stage in this affair. Byron weaves layer on top of layer of beautiful instrumentation (which includes but is not limited to: synths, guitars, drums and of course his voice) to give “Find A Way” a lush and lively feel. The whole thing, especially when paired with the video, oozes positivity and warmth. There’s a 100% chance you walk away from this experience smiling.

No word on the release date of Byron’s upcoming album, so this will have to hold you over for now.

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