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JD Samson gives Nic Pool's debut single "The Falls" a late-night dance floor treatment

Los Angeles-based musician Nic Pool has splashed onto the scene this month with the release of his debut single "The Falls." Today, artist JD Samson flipped the track on its head to give it a delightful late-night techno remix. Just in time for the weekend, hit play below:

Of the original track, Nic shared, "The song is about how grief can feel like being stuck beneath a waterfall - how loss can derail you, overtake you, numb you, and sometimes it takes years to pull yourself out of the cycle."

While the original contained a more electro-ominous Portishead vibe, this latest remix adds a deeper techno bounce making it a true late-night dancefloor affair. Of the remix, Nic shared, "I’ve admired JD’s work for years and it was an absolute thrill to get to collaborate with her on this remix. She slowed down my vocal and really flipped the grief-stricken original on its head. It’s a manic, late-night joyride at 120 BPM that peaks in a beautifully twisted electronic wail on the drop: ‘I woulda loved you.'" 

Already gaining praise from sites like  The Line of Best Fit, The Wild Honey Piei-DDisco Naivete, and even Spotify's Fresh Finds, Nic Pool is certainly a new music project you should be wary of. Stay up to date with his next upcoming releases in the links provided below. 

Connect with Nic Pool: Soundcloud | Official Site



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