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Dawg's debut EP delivers a 'Lockjaw' bite [Premiere]

From deep within the LA hip-hop scene emerges Dawg. Already known by many who have heard his production work for chart-toppers in the rap world, Dawg is ready to unleash his first EP, lockjaw, to the masses today. His self-described junkyard bass style defies expectation with clean and uncluttered production.

lockjaw starts out with an eponymous track that has a decidedly laid-back tilt. From there, jarring piano chords take over and continue to become a primary theme in "get back." Simple but heavy bass lines underpin both tracks, a characteristic that continues to the final track, "smoked out." An opening flute melody sinks the vibe deeper into the couch cushion, making it a perfect track for an after hours chill session. 

Prior to releasing lockjaw, Dawg released a string of wildly successful bootleg remixes for the likes of Lil Pump, Rihanna, and Drake. While his links to past success as a producer and writer on tracks for other artists remain cloaked, he's taken his collar off to become master of his own sound - junkyard bass. His premise is simple, combine the curb-appeal of rap beats and kick the energy up over 9000.

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