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Lady Tee The Difference tackles sexism differently on "Match Up" [Video]

Inglewood rapper Lady Tee The Difference challenges the sexist social construct on "Match Up" her latest video release.  She brings a unique outlook on this Lil Awree-produced record with confidence and independence.  

While hip-hop is filled with a plethora of "gimme gimme" songs depicting women as gold-digging creatures, Lady Tee The Difference approaches the guys in a different way. She is goal-oriented but she is not looking for a hand-out, letting the men know that the main requirement for her team is for them to match up. With that being said, the premise behind the song is beyond wealth but everything else that makes the relationship work like a properly oiled machine. Along for the ride is singer Ten P who laces the track with her alluring vocals that reinforces the message of the song.

The video - co-directed by Lady Tee and Tae Nichol - takes the concept further on the basketball court where the ladies go head to head against the men and like Lady Tee says, the best team player is the one that can match up.

This latest single is off her upcoming album Strictly For My Women.

Connect with  Lady Tee The Difference | Soundcloud : Twitter : Instagram

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3 years ago

+the boss And that''s where sexism, racism, homophobia and any other type of horrible dicrimination comes in. The disgusting concept of "normality that blurs and fucks up our brains. And if you''re going to be an asshole, at least *try* to sound like you have one. Your spelling is horrible, your comments stupid and offensive, and you''re ruining a great show by just being here. Fuck off.