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Cereal Killers debuts hedonistic bass heavy video for "This."

As deep house anthems go, Cereal Killers have got it nailed down to a T. The moniker of friends Ryon Lawford and Matt Winter, deep basslines, distorted vocal cuts and a steady inclination of octaves defines the shining craziness of "This." – their newest single. Thus, a music video was born, released shortly after to help elucidate the song's outlook and perspective on what defines 'crazy'. 

The video, panning in and out of close and long-distance shots, constantly on the move and purposefully shaky in curated sections, follows their mantra with zealous ambition. As the lyrics go, "get crazy / make love to this / and do drugs to this / and then fuck to this", the track clearly outlines a happy-go-lucky, go with the flow and have fun type of feel, encouraging people to do whatever they want in response to "This.". Gyrating bodies and a panda mascot being splattered with fluorescent paint along with some wildly choreographed dance moves dominates the video and clearly, is downright insane but very addicting to watch.

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Dance · Deep House


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