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no rome is surely destined for pop stardom with debut EP "RIP Indo Hisashi"

The indie artist has been painting beautiful sonic pictures in his debut Dirty Hit EP RIP Indo Hisashi. The production is as clean and smooth as brushstrokes as no rome douses his musical paintbrush with water to shape sound. 

In part dedicated to the late Indo Hisashi. no rome's EP is similar in concept; textures, and materials strike different tones on canvas, causing varied emotional reactions in people. Simplistic, yet powerfully bold colour-play is centre-fold. As a result, RIP Indo Hisashi is not necessarily an EP to listen to, to feel a certain way. There is also a deeper element to RIP Indo Hisashi, not always associated with popular music. To us, RIP Indo Hisashi is about self-discovery, and reflection. And in fact, just letting the music wash over you.

Clearly, the London based Filipino artist has an array of multi-media influences in music that help to really make his music stand out as next level. We've been obsessed ever since the arrival of "Do It Again." In addition, the EP features a collaboration with The 1975 in "Narcissist." The two bands sounds compliment each other perfectly in this meeting of worlds. RIP Indo Hisashi comes with a vinyl release on the 31st August, which can be pre-ordered here. no rome is absolutely an artist we can't wait to hear more from. 

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