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MAWD releases sixties sounding Joplin-esque single "Wandering Eye"

Who knew a distrustful jealous boyfriend would lead to the inspiration for MAWD’s newest single “Wandering Eye”? This bluesy indie-rock track has a definite '60s sound with a contemporary twist. Influenced by the music of First Aid Kit and Alabama Shakes, this breathy soulful singer has a unique retro swag with groovy Janis Joplin vibes.

North California native Madeleine Mathews, going under pseudonym MAWD, began her career playing local open mic nights. Recently graduating with a BA in music, she has now reached great success working with indie label Soundx3 and Cave Studio owner/producer/songwriter/engineer Josiah Mezzaschi. With upbeat energetic performances, MAWD has played some of the top venues in Los Angeles as well as having toured both nationally and internationally.

“Wandering Eye” all started after Madeleine’s boyfriend said jokingly that he was going to write a song about her called wandering eye, because he always accused her of having one. To that she quickly retorted, "NO, I'm going to write a song about NOT having a wandering eye!” and that’s exactly what she did. Working with Josiah Mezzaschi who is producing her next EP, the song was completed that very next day. 

MAWD states, “I think this is relatable for anyone who has ever experienced any kind of jealousy in a relationship.” 

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60's · Indie · Rock


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