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Lorine Chia takes a stand on "Drugs" in new single

Lorine Chia has been hard at work for years. Staying consistent with multiple new releases a year and not pinning herself to one sound; the Cameroon-born artist breathes music.

Now, Lorine is back with the second and final single from her forthcoming Sweet Bombs EP. The new single is titled "Drugs".

"Drugs", produced by Sam Hoffman and Lorine, is a piano heavy and synth heavy cut that gives you r&b/pop vibes. From her first note, it's hard not to instantly get Elle Varner vibes from Lorine. Lorine's lyrics, while catchy, have an important message. "Drugs" is an infectious stance against the current drug culture.

In sharing about the messaging behind her new single, Lorine Chia wrote via email:

"There are a lot of drugs in the music that is being played to the world, and I know for a fact that it affects people. My little sister is in the 10th grade and tells me all of the time how there are so many KIDS on drugs with side effects that KILL. I know things like this have been happening for a while but not at this rate. I do have my fair share of trap music I bop don't get me wrong, but the message just has to change. We have to start thinking about these kids."

Look for Lorine Chia's Sweet Bombs EP on September 4th.

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