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Justice releases 'Woman Worldwide' along with new interactive website JUSTICE TV

2 years ago, Justice released Woman— an album rife with their signature 80’s French-electro energy that they first established on the groundbreaking 2007 album, . The two French musicians, Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, have now added new tracks and reworked Woman into their newest release, Woman Worldwide. In addition to the 16 track album, the duo announced an interactive website called JUSTICE TV with hidden giveaways, merchandise, interviews, and other Justice-content created over the past few years. The site represents a place to aggregate exclusive material for fans and it features countless video clips to click through.

Woman Worldwide isn't overwhelmingly different from Woman; you'll be let down if you're expecting all new music. The intention of WW is to share the track versions that they play live on tour. There are a few brand new tracks however, and these are the highlights that make Woman Worldwide a must-listen. "Genesis x Phantom" is driven with heavy techno kicks and "Heavy Metal x DVNO" is appropriately named because of its clashing hard rock influences. Stream the album anywhere, or buy the exclusive gold-stamped vinyl version here.

Connect with Justice: Youtube | Facebook | Official Site | JUSTICE TV

Dance · Electro House


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