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Baby Jey's "U Don't Have 2 Go Alone" shows us how cowboys do pop

Baby Jey released their up-beat second single today, "U Don't Have 2 Go Alone". The Edmonton, Alberta band gives us a hand-out-the-car-window sound to end our summer off on a steady rhythm. The duo drops their full-length album Someday Cowboy September 14, 2018.

The song starts off with strong piano chords and good vibes, quickly accompanied by a foot-taping beat. I found myself head bobbing along at my work desk to the pop-country sound and enlightening about reaching out, and not sitting alone on that morning commute. It's a good choice for a single, because in their own words, the band describes "U Don't Have 2 Go Alone" as a unique piece outside the more country tracks of their upcoming album:    

"Most of the songs on the record have a country tinge with banjo or mandolin. In a sense "U Don't Have 2 Go Alone" is the odd-one-out because it's more of a straight ahead pop song, but we wanted a tune like that for the record."

For Baby Jey, this single draws inspiration from the legendary soul musician Curtis Mayfield and his "Rap #3" interlude from his 1971 live album.

"I remember the lines "You don't need a fence around your castle/don't you think you've got enough to hide behind?" came really quickly when we were writing it. It all just sorta flowed...he [Mayfield] comments on riding the bus with a bunch of people and of course everyone is close together physically but none of them are talking to each other or smiling."

"U Don't Have 2 Go Alone" is a perfect prelude to their new project, sure to be full of a healthy mix of pop, country, and perhaps more. Don't wait on Baby Jey. 

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