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Turn back the clock with Just A Tune and Synova's "Vengabus"

90's kids: break out the Capri Sun, sneak it into your morning coffee and blast this one at full volume at your desk. Electronic wunderkind Just A Gent recently took to his secondary SoundCloud page "Just A Tune" to surprise fans with "Vengabus," a monster rework of the song made famous by those old school Six Flags commercials that riled up kids in the 90's as they jumped on their crumb-ridden eroded plush couches.

Produced alongside Synova, the song warps the original's notorious chords in hyperkinetic four-to-the-floor fashion, but right when you think the artists are on the verge of a drop in double time like Wuki did in his recent flip, they uncork a kooky trap bomb with quirky synths under booming saws. Prepare to hear this one throughout the fall festival circuit and beyond.

Connect with Just A Gent: Facebook | TwitterSoundCloud | Instagram

Connect with Synova: Facebook | SoundCloud | Instagram

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