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Get familiar with The APX 's future-retro funk straight out of "Jupiter" (Music Video)

The APX is an electro-funk duo composed of Atlanta based married musicians Erika Dawn Rhodes and Dee Rhodes. The duo have a knack for delivering retro-fitted tunes, conveying this talent on their newest record "Jupiter" 

"Jupiter" is as retro as they come with its compelling groove, funky electric guitars, futuristic synths and of course Erika's rich and expressive vocal performance. The duo tap into the spirits of legendary groups such as Rene and Angela and SOS Band as they truly embody the soulful funk of the aforementioned acts.  The self-directed and edited music video takes the vibe of the song to a whole new galactic level with it's 80s styled surreal backdrop laced with gaudy images - the over the top effects will trigger memories of the days of VHS tapes. "Jupiter" is the follow-up single to their debut studio project Electrik Funk which was released last year.

Get the audio here

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