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Sonny Fodera releases "Need" featuring Josh Barry

The distinct melodies of Australian house maestro Sonny Fodera is ubiquitous in clubs and festival grounds all around the world; his mastery of bass and classic house tempos make Sonny both a favourite and a staple in the global dance scene, with support from the likes of legendary DJs and producers such as Green Velvet.

As though to kick off the last sweet bits of summer, the producer drops his newest single "Need" off of label Nothing Else Matters, featuring the husky smooth vocals of Josh Barry.

While known for his deep, bass-driven tracks, Sonny Fodera takes a step back with "Need", a track with comparatively less bass but more stellar in production creativity and even tighter in seduction. "Need" is fresh in its very different approach to his usual production style; paired with the smooth soulful tonality of Josh Barry, the vocals accentuates the seductive undertones of the track and authenticates Sonny Fodera's versatility as a producer.

"Need" is also fresh in how the woven piano melodies and thumping key beats craft together a track that both feels perfect for a relaxing riverside picnic and also a club filled with sweaty, dancing bodies. Perfectly unique, "Need" is definitely a hit and perhaps, a defining moment in his evolution as a music producer.


Connect with Sonny Fodera: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

Connect with Josh Barry: Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook

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