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Needs No Sleep pounces into house with 'Jungle Cat' EP

Needs No Sleep is a rising four-on-the-floor house music guru. The Australian music maker is loudly parsing his way through the scene. Recently, the Australian producer dropped a club hit with Lucati. With his latest Jungle Cat EP on Uprise Music, Needs No Sleep pounces onto house music yet again.  

A high-cut drum rhythm opens the track, allowing for the listener to believe this is a retro 80s house hit. An old educational sample jumps in and tells us a little bit about the famed jungle cat. Needs No Sleep then drops in on the prey with a ferocious four-on-the-floor rhythm with a pulsing bass line and epic brass stabs. "Jungle Cat" continues to look around for the best time to attack throughout the piece, and it attacks when you're least expecting. "Ass Like That" is equally as infectious. It also features an ultra deep kick drum with tight percussion and an even deeper, tumultuous bass line. Be on the lookout for a not-so-kind jungle cat lurking in the darkness. 

Connect with Needs No Sleep: SoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter 

Dance · Deep House


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