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Sharam Jey announces new album with "Lost" [Premiere]

Bunny Tiger boss Sharam Jey has a big announcement. Not just that he's linked up with Australian vocalist KLP on a new single, but that this new single is the start of a new project - his third artist album Invisible - due out in September. 

While we usually associate the Cologne-based DJ and producer with underground beats, Jey has delivered something infectious and new on the album's lead single, "Lost." Both KLP's vocals and his production are reminders of house music origin's in in disco in style, but are contemporary in their tempo and deepness. The track is easy going and inviting, and an unexpected move from Jey, but one listen makes it a no brainer.

Invisible will be the first album from Sharam Jey since In My Blood in 2009, but he's been releasing single after single in those year, building his repertoire until this moment to come.


Exclusive · House · Premiere


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