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Chong the Nomad crafts the perfect experimental track for singing with "Ghosts in the Shower" [Exclusive]

Seattle producer Alda Agustiano, aka Chong the Nomad, has been gaining some serious momentum this past year after landing multiple festival appearances and recieving praises from iconic radio stations like KEXP claiming, "she’s tapping into that unspoken feeling that dance music can give." With intricately crafted experimental sounds and one to never to shy away from a playful theme, Chong the Nomad is back with her latest single, "Ghosts in the Shower".

 “My apartment is definitely haunted. It made me wonder what a duet with the paranormal would sound like. Ghosts in the Shower is my guess.”  Chong the Nomad

"Ghosts in the Shower" is a playfully ebullient assembly of deliberately incohesive sounds weaved together to create an unavoidably catchy experimental-pop track. Chong the Nomad is a mad scientist of sound pulling in an eclectic assortment of digital samples to craft a cohesive work of art that explores otherworldly themes in this latest track. Her ability to allow the song to spiral off at any moments notice and then quickly pause and so effortlessly pull it back to the original chorus is a testament to not only her technical abilities but her natural artistic prowess for creating catchy, avant-garde pop music.

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