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Arcade Fire's Richard Reed Parry releases "Song of Wood"

The world has just gotten another taste of Richard Reed Parry's upcoming album - and it's cranking up the anticipation. Well known for his expertise slaying on a multitude of instruments for Grammy Award-winning Canadian band Arcade Fire,  Parry is letting his creative imagination control this new project. His latest single "Song of Wood", released August 14, can be interpreted as magical, psychedelic, and adventurous within the first moments . The piece is the latest installment off the Ontario-born musician's upcoming solo album Quiet River of Dust, Vol. 1, hitting shelves September 21.

"Song of Wood" is an epic six minute, thirty one second piece of other-worldly, mesmerizing instrumentals. Complete with the help of multiple instruments, which is Parry's tradition, the song's feeling completely transcends a normal walk in the woods.  Parry's ethereal-sounding voice has you shifting from realm to realm accompanied by the soft sounds of strings and insects. Parry describes his music as a "meditative, widescreen musical experience with Beach Boy harmonies and a hypnotic pulse. Layered songs that move in a linear fashion, following a current rather than circular composition".  His latest single is no exception to this. "Song of Wood" will surely guide you through a spiritual hike through the forest, a calm evening in your backyard, or just travelling through the everyday.  

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