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Headbang and/or cry to Ray Volpe's melodic masterpiece "Programmed To Love"

The most important young dubstep producer continues his reign. Ray Volpe presents some of his most personal work yet with a true feat of melodic dubstep known as "Programmed To Love." 

With synthy, often watered down future bass taking center stage for the past couple years, those of us who raved in a pre-future bass world undoubtedly remember when melodic dub was king. Acts like Sound Remedy, MitiS, and back in the day Seven Lions led the charge, bringing us sonic experiences that were equally euphoric and hard-hitting. Now we have young Ray Volpe to thank for carrying the torch, presenting both skull-rattling offerings like his recent No Emotion Allowed EP, and flipping the vibe on "Programmed To Love." Fear not, headbangers, you don't have to sacrifice massive wubs for massive feels, as this track hits a sweet spot that fully satisfies both. 

Ray tells EARMILK, "Somebody really close to me told me once that I was programmed to love, and I agreed. This song pretty much embodies that thought. I hope it speaks to you in the same way it does to me."

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