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Get familiar with Bones & Bridges' blend of pop and gloomy vibes on "Go Figure"

Bones & Bridges is a Toronto-based pop, soul, and rock band, and their latest release "Go Figure" showcases their genre-bending style of music. Formed in Nashville, Tennessee, Bones & Bridges is comprised of Anthony Arthur, Atom Martin and TEE

"Go Figure" is a mid-tempo track that dwells on the feeling of loving and supporting someone with all you’ve got, only to find out they never loved you at all. The Toronto trio drew from past experiences of being both the hero and the villain in different relationships, and the result is a tragically beautiful track — melancholy lyrics contrasted by the surprisingly uplifting production. Lead vocals alternate between Arthur and Martin who both deliver an emotionally drenched performance.

 Bones & Bridges are bringing a uniquely timeless sound with their untethered musical styles. Their moniker is derived from “Bones,” which represents the inner darkness that can live within us all, and is contrasted by “Bridges,” which alludes to hopefulness and optimism. The song is a follow-up to their debut single "Reveries."

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Alternative R&B · Indie Pop


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