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"Death Letter" is an eptitaph to anonymity for CARACAL

Every time I think dubstep is dead, an artist on Soundcloud with fewer than 1000 followers runs up on me trying hard to convince me otherwise. With just over 540 followers at the time of this writing, today that distinction belongs to CARACAL, changed from SVBER due to trademark issues while keeping with the big cat theme.

His most recent track, "Death Letter," crept into my ears as a suggestion after a track I had just previewed. Sometimes, the algorithms get it right -- good job Soundcloud, because to be honest it was better than the PR submitted track I had just listened to. It opened with all the theatrics and soul of a ZHU production before getting to business with skull crushing bass. Eventually, the tempo picks up from dubstep into what could rightfully be called DnB. It's exactly the kind of shapeshifting bass and breaks that gets me hyped every time with incredibly polished production that shines when you play it loud.  Don't stop at "Death Letter" though, dig deeper into his Soundcloud, you won't be disappointed if you like bass.   You'll hear everything from the hardest dubstep drops to gothic vocals over walls of bass.  I have a feeling this big bass cat won't be able to hide in the jungle of South Africa too much longer.

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