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Red Kloud Society brings Blu on board to deliver one hell of a summertime jam in "Blue Summer" [Premiere]

Reason number 10,001 why Los Angeles is the greatest city in the world, it’s continually producing new and fantastic music. Don’t believe me? Look no further than Red Kloud Society’s latest track, “Blue Summer,” featuring legendary wordsmith Blu, singer Anna and producer KWAKZ.

Comprised of over 15 different LA artists, Red Kloud Society is a local Korea Town crew worth knowing. The group met over the course of a few recording sessions in K Town, and now is stacked to the teeth with talent.

As one of the singles off of their soon to drop debut LP, the crew enlisted the help of Blu to spit a few savage bars over some summery productions by KWAKZ. “Blue Summer” starts off with RKS member Anna setting the mood as KWAKZ builds the structure of the beat around her. From there, KWAKZ mellows out the instrumental so Blu can slide in until he's ready to go. At that point, KWAKZ begins building things back up, with layer after layer of sonic Cali sunshine, giving Blu the perfect amount of runway to blast the track to pieces.

Coming a little under a month after the 11 year anniversary of Blu’s classic, Below The Heavens, “Blue Summer” is a fresh reminder of all the talent that is as of yet undiscovered in the city of angels. So if the mix of past and present hip hop prowess excites you, grab a nice pair of headphones, kick back and press play on “Blue Summer “ above.

Connect with Blu: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with Rek Kloud Society: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


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