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Charlie Burg calls forth literary inspiration on smoky, sultry 'Two, Moonlight' EP

Detroit-hailing crooner Charlie Burg presents a soulful slice of life in his recent Two, Moonlight EP. Drawing inspiration from literature, and the stories and struggles of fans, Two, Moonlight is an ideal listen for a chilled out, rainy day, or anytime you just want to relax and let your thoughts wander.

The literature in question is Ralph Waldo Emerson, in the form of a book of essays gifted by Charlie's father. One essay in particular, entitled "Love," particularly struck the young musician, who used it as inspiration for a series of three EPs to to be released throughout the year. The titles are plucked straight from the poetry - One, VioletTwo, Moonlight, and Three, Fever. The literary aesthetic commitment is apparent, as Two, Moonlight easily cascades across sound waves as the perfect soundtrack for luxuriating over a glass of wine and an idea for the next great novel. Dive in and drift away. 

Full EP Tracklist:

  2. U Used To
  3. June
  4. Eight
  5. Did Something Change?
  6. Busbeat
  7. Bookstore Girl

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