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Doorly returns with 'Nismo's Groove' EP

Doorly's bold new EP blurs the lines between house, disco, electro and freestyle music to take listeners on a sonic journey through some of dance music's most storied moments.

The one question that any genuine enthusiast of electronic music must ultimately ask themselves is simply: "Does this music make me want to dance?" For his latest project, "Nismo's Groove," UK native Doorly Martin answers that inquiry by blending together sounds that stretch far and wide across the dance music spectrum. This four-track EP is loaded with nostalgic, feel-good tunes that can practically transport its listeners back in time - or at the very least, somewhere sunny with a Miami vice cocktail - preferably frozen - at hand. The project marks the tenth release for Doorly's Reptile Dysfunction record label, and is also his first solo release on the imprint. The label has already made waves in the industry with releases from DJ Sneak, Idris Elba, Soul Clap, Patrick Topping and other up-and-coming artists that have caught the reptilian tastemaker's ear.

"Nismo's Groove" kicks off with "Drop The Needle," an energetic tune that sounds like something you would hear while visiting the Malibu Club in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." Retro synth stabs and bass-lines bring the EP's theme of nostalgia straight to the forefront, along with a snare drum that has just the right amount of reverb to give the track a real 80s feel. The song picks up momentum with the help of some lush Spanish vocals that will undoubtedly seduce any partygoer onto the dance-floor in a hurry. The cheeky number reaches its climax just as the songstress does, allowing the groove to settle back in and do its duty.

On "Mummas A Bean," Doorly enlists the help of fellow reptilian Tan Dem. The track showcases some of Doorly's sampling skills by combining a disco record with an excerpt from Kendrick Lamar's "untitled unmastered." project. The unlikely combination is exactly what you can expect from a guy who once played an impromptu three-hour set at Holy Ship 9.0, in which he - at one point - took his shoe off, scratched with it and then face-planted straight into the platter of the CDJ. The spontaneity of Doorly's live DJ sets translates directly into his productions, and while these moments of turntablist exhibition do not come without risk, the payoffs can make for some of the best moments on any dance-floor. The song hits maximum groove at about the four-minute mark before Doorly drops the funky bass-line one more time.

Doorly keeps the funk going with "Cafe Mambo Disco Pumper" - an apparent ode to the legendary Cafe Mambo in Ibiza, where the label boss has previously thrown his Doorly & Friends parties. The track is the shortest on the EP, running just under six minutes in length. Congas, claves and tambourines really bring this record to life. The bass-line is simple, but effective, allowing the groovy and swung percussion to do most of the heavy-lifting. The record is complete with a soulful female vocal sample - a nice touch, as it brings both character and authenticity to what is arguably the funkiest track on "Nismos' Groove."

For "On The Upside," Doorly pays homage to 80s freestyle music by sampling a 1983 Xena record. While the track is more on the mellow side as compared to its predecessors, the familiarity of the synth lead, vocal cuts and full-on freestyle break down at the three-minute mark will serve as a nice treat for any fans of early electro/dance music. The record hammers home the EP's central theme of nostalgia, and works as the perfect conclusion to a project that demonstrates Doorly's uncanny ability to create something that is both modern, yet true to the origins of the music he loves. "Nismo's Groove" is unapologetically fun - and at times - shamelessly raunchy. It's everything dance music should be - music that simply just makes people want to move.

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