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ZEKE BEATS and Eprom combine to form "Humanoid 2.0"

The first time I played this track, a cat was sitting next to the subwoofer, ears shifting as she tried to determine the source of the opening blips followed by the synthesized "Humanoid" vocals that filled the room. Kitty was a little too close the speaker when the bass dropped and the subwoofer cone slapped her right on the nose, sending her running from her new bass overlords, ZEKE BEATS and Eprom.

Frightened kittens and the like should be expected from the union of EPROM and ZEKE BEATS, two artists known for dabbling in heavy bass. Humanoid 2.0 came about from playing around with a text to speech plug-in that had just been released while ZEKE BEATS was visiting Eprom at his home in Portland. After putting the skeleton of the track together in a single morning, ZEKE went home to Australia and finished up the track in a few sessions.  The two have been sitting on this track for a couple of years, finally releasing it on Noisa's Division Recordings today. The track itself is clearly intentioned, with synthesized vocals and a steady progression of 8-bit video game sounds the only thing standing between your eardrums and a wall of bass.

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