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Baby FuzZ takes us to "Shadowland" [Premiere]

Baby Fuzz, otherwise known as Sterling Fox, is a seriously talented young musician and artist who fuses indie rock, glam pop, and soul-crushing ballads, that make for one hell of a listening experience. "Shadowland" is, in fact, one of these aforementioned listening experiences and I am graced with the pleasure of attending to this premiere.

Baby FuzZ opens "Shadowland" with a dissonant piano, "calling meekly" to all of us with his heart bared for all to see as the honeyed vocals and a moving piano melody that grabs us by the throat and tugs ferociously at our heartstrings. 

"Shadowland" reaches its pinnacle at the 1:18 mark as Baby FuzZ screams from the deep, to the crowd viewing his soul plainly and fully, "I'm still here." I think the most important piece of this emotional tour de force is the short but effective harmony of "doo-doo-doo" as crowd screams and applauses only to end with a sense of dread and wonder as the song ends in silence. 

I have been on a road trip from Los Angeles to Seattle the past couple days and I have listened to "Shadowland" at various points and Baby FuzZ's work here becomes so salient and poignant as I see the entirety of the Pacific coast on fire. As the post-apocalyptic skies break through the valley and waft down from the hills much like the voice of this young talented musician. As the fiery, blood-red son bears down on the Earth below I have to ponder if the Earth is screaming into the void, "I'm still here."

Check out Baby FuzZ here: Soundcloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Official

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