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Yungeen Ace opens up on “Life of Betrayal”

Florida’s Yungeen Ace did not hold back with his debut mixtape “Life of Betrayal” journeying through pain, suffering and growth - Yungeen gave us 13-tracks that reflected the experiences of a young man who is very clearly working towards the solid future he deserves.

The project merely has 2 features from YoungBoy Never Broke Again and Jaydayoungan. Having such few features was the right move for Yungeen. “Life of Betrayal” is extremely personal and includes nuanced storytelling elements that one would only want to hear from Yungeen himself.

On the opening track “True Story” Yungeen raps: “my life story is a tragedy” and his delivery is  both melodic and painful, seemingly reflecting the battles that he went through in both his mind and real life.

A standout track on the project is “Wanted” where one can hear Yungeen expressing “Ain’t too many people that was there for me - If I told you I love you then you can depend on me - I was walkin’ alone, they all was countin’ on me - I was locked in that cell and y’all didn’t care about me”.

“Jungle” is a track that seems to be a fan favorite as well with an anthem-like hook and catchy melodies. Yungeen seems to have masterfully translated his past pain into melodious rap ballads.

Holding such skill at a very young age, one can’t wait to hear more from the up and coming Florida rapper.

Connect with Yungeen Ace: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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