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rhêtorík gives his truth with new single "Right Here, Right Now"

People are like onions - made up of many layers. In the case of artists, many have multiple creative layers that are peeled back as they further their career. For instance, Donald Glover began as a writer, then moved into acting, and from there shared his musical talents with the world as Childish Gambino. Virginia-bred rhêtorík is an artist with many layers.

You may know rhêtorík as Logic's DJ, but that is just one layer of who he is. With a string of recent singles, rhêtorík is stepping out as an artist and songwriter. Today, we are excited to premiere the third single from his Behind Closed Doors EP titled "Right Here, Right Now".

"Right Here, Right Now", produced by kirotehr (aka rhêtorík), is a synth-filled cut with somewhat of a futuristic vibe. rhêtorík has dubbed his sound F.A.R.A.P (Future Alternative Rhêtorík Arena Pop). The simplicity of rhêtorík's vocals allow for his writing to shine.

In describing his new single, rhêtorík shared via email:

"I had been scared of being completely honest for so long - not just in songwriting, but in life in general. I had always found that a filtered truth was more appealing to people no matter how mentally damaging it became to me. 'Right Here, Right Now' is more than just a song of brutal honesty, it is a sonic benchmark in my life of when I allowed myself to break through that way of thought and truly be a happier me even at my most 'unappealing'. 
'Right Here, Right Now' was not only the first complete song that I had created in years, but also the first song where I actually spoke my unfiltered truth. It is the song that sparked my mantra of 'turn your insecurities into art'; the first song where I didn’t find myself thinking twice about if others would think it was right, because I knew it was right for me. 'Right Here, Right Now' let me know that I am finally on the right path, right now."

rhêtorík's Behind Closed Doors EP releases September 14th.

Main Stage · Pop · Premiere


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