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Island Fox delivers mesmerizing new song "Comrade"

Prolific songwriter, producer, and engineer Island Fox released her new Comrade EP today and it's a vibrantly crafted project exploring the possibilities of where DIY music can reside on the sonic spectrum. Genre-less and drawing from a variety of instrumental palettes, the project is more suited for focused listening than for something to be played in the background.

In particular, "Comrade" the song is an enticing smorgasbord of organic sound. Harp and different string combos dance around each other in an energetic duet while percussive elements maintain the movement of the song. By the time Island Fox's dissonant vocals jump into the mix, your ears will have had time to orient themselves around the beautiful mishmash of sounds that "Comrade" is composed of. While this sounds obvious, listening to "Comrade" and the other two tracks on the EP will make the listener more appreciative of just how many sounds exist in the world, and how beautiful they can sound when they work with each other. 

Connect with Island Fox: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

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