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HAVVK rebrand with "Glass"

After a small break, HAVVK have returned to the indie scene with a re-release of their single "Glass." In order to make themselves easier to locate online, the band have opted for a slight name change.

"Glass" is about the 2015 marriage referendum in Ireland. Recently, Ireland held a second historic referendum to legalize abortion in the country, and HAVVK felt that this particular track was relevant for the political sea change: 

It’s the daydream version of a fight where exactly the right words come to you to shatter the ones coming at you. For us, the meaning of the song became connected with the collected voice that was rising in Ireland, especially among young people, in standing up for equality. We’re re-releasing the track as it’s always been really special to us, and with the Repeal vote getting pushed through this year, it feels like more and more people are seeing the impact of voicing their support for human rights.

The new version of "Glass" is entirely remastered. It's full of front-woman Julie Hawk's shimmery vocal. HAVVK's characteristic twinkling garage pop is still there, but it's more subdued than usual. HAVVK's sound has always been cinematic, and it's fabulous to know they didn't lose any of that gravity while going through their rebranding.

Connect with HAVVK: Spotify | Twitter | Facebook


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