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Connection and isolation clash on "Rhythm Is Frozen" by Goldwash

LA via Baltimore artist Goldwash has always been inspiring for his eclectic blend of what he's called "existential funk" and it's certainly been interesting to see how his sound has evolved since he released his hooky debut single "But U Won't" way back in 2016. On his new electro-jazzy psychedelic single "Rhythm Is Frozen" (and first single of 2018), Goldwash enlisted the help of JP Floyd and Matt Shulman (Chance the Rapper, Kehlani, Brad Mehldau) to create the heavy, mesmerizing horn section that the track is guided by throughout. 

This fanfare of horns blast their way into the center of your eardrums and there's almost a sense of urgency to how quickly "Rhythm Is Frozen" launches into such a grandeur-filled opening. The song came about during Goldwash's writing retreat in Ensenada, Mexico, where he holed up for several months in a small, Internet-free room intentionally. His experience here thus inspired the head-butting desires of isolation and connection found within the lyrics, where the unfortunately too relatable, anxiety driven lines "Living like you're outside looking in / Checking all the signs, wonder if it's progress" are properly juxtaposed with the carefree "Leaving all your friends for the hell of it / Catch a little sunrise in Ensenada". The narrative effect of the lyrics on the whole song, is like a slow syrupy mass of gradual realization; that no experience is as straightforward as it seems, that even when seeking out isolation, the noise and chaos of one's daily anxieties fill up that space where people and online communication would be. All while the bass in the background thumps with a satisfying "oomph". 

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