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Take a trip with Aphex Twin's video for "T69 Collapse"

It's here. We've been waiting patiently. There's been A LOT of poster pictures online which popped up in London, Turin, Los Angeles, New York City and Tokyo. There's even more heavy speculation (again) that Richard D. James actually lives in Elephant & Castle underground station. Finally, on sunday, Warp Records posted a ridiculously cryptic social media post confirming the existence of Aphex Twin's new EP 'Collapse' and today the video for "T69 collapse" appeared online. WARNING: CONTAINS STROBING.

The five minutes of mind melting graphics accompanied by the sounds of outstanding title track "T69 Collapse" are just a taster of what's to come from the heralded producer. RDJ's Twitter account shared the album cover, release date and music video, linking to a website that confirmed the EP's tracklist. 'Collapse' will be available on limited edition vinyl, regular vinyl, CD, cassette and digital formats on September 14th via Warp Records.


01. T69 collapse 02. 1st 44 03. MT1 t29r2 04. abundance10edit[2 R8's, FZ20m & a 909] 05. pthex

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