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Ron Gallo releases reassuring garage rock anthem "It's All Gonna Be OK"

The Philadelphia-born, Nashville-based garage rocker Ron Gallo is the king of disruption. His guitar-heavy, frantic form of rock is reminiscent of the early punk and garage movements of the '70s, but with the added bonus of witty and personably lyricism. On his newest single "It's All Gonna Be OK" off the forthcoming LP Stardust Birthday Party, released via New West Records, he channels all of the energy of punk but with none of the nihilism. 

The track begins with an intoxicating riff that swells like a wave, crashing suddenly when his vocals comes in at the thirty-second mark. While the various time signature changes display a musician that's in full command of his craft, his slacker shout tends to slip into high-pitched shriek at a few key moments. This is where he's at his most compelling, when he lets himself lose control. His fast-paced shouts indicate a mind that works faster than delivery allows, but somehow, Gallo gets all of his words out — ending each explosive verse with the reassuring line, "It's all gonna be okay." Ron Gallo seems determined to will this into existence, and your only options are to follow him on the ride or get out of his way. 

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