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Cruise with the windows down on Famoso & Lafleur's latest "Breezy"

Damn, something about that West Coast hip hop, that real, homegrown, West Coast hip hop, makes you want to turn the volume up and the drop the windows down. Well, it doesn't get more West Coast than Anaheim, which is why it doesn't get more West Coast than Famoso & Lafleur's latest, "Breezy."

The appropriately titled track finds Famoso spitting laidback bars over Lafleur's cruiser of an instrumental. Straight up, this is just under four minutes of mellow hip hop. Famoso does serious work over Lafleur's productions, flipping sharp lines and flexing his buttery flow.

If you're wondering how these two can come together so well, you're not alone. Famoso & Lafleur seem like two sides of the same person, but in reality, the connection is born from a lifelong friendship. Both Famoso and Lafleur grew up in Anaheim, making music together since the days of Junior High. The resulting synergy takes the form of "Breezy," a song that feels effortless if we didn't know that they two have put in so much time together.

"Breezy" is the lead-off single for F&L's debut album Styles & Tribulations

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