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Casualkimono takes Tove Lo "True Disaster" to a whole new plateau

Producer Matthew Engst aka Casualkimono just kicked off his 2018 musical campaign after years-long hiatus after the release of a remix of  Tove Lo's "True Disaster."

The producer who describes his sound as “House-Hop,” which is a fusion of “bouncy” house beats with organic lo-fi drum sounds at slower tempos ironically turns up the tempo on his version and takes the mellow, pop-rock vibe of the original into a fast-paced, edm/pop piece. The drums here are bigger and the bright synths really complement the pitched up vocals but the overall draw is the bounce. This is a sure party starter if we do say so ourselves.

“True Disaster” is the first in a series of remixes that will be released over the summer by Casualkimono . He also promises more original music later this fall. 

Connect with Casualkimono : Soundcloud | Facebook |  Instagram

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