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Cat Spare is totally ready for "The Game"

A refreshing take on R&B with textural hip-hop beats, Cat Spare’s new single “The Game” entrances with its lustrous vocals and mesmerising hook.

Lyrically, the L.A.-based artist doesn’t let up either. Although, Cat's delivery is laid back. It fits in a pocket of the smooth soundscape provided by both  Juice of All Trades and Broek.  “The Game” was cooked up soon after Spare was at a party thrown by musical collective Koi House. However, the song is a self-assured take on holding your ground and morals. Drawn from Spare’s experiences as a woman dealing with the ulterior motives of industry folks. She fuses her love for basketball into the song with subtle analogies. And, she is currently in the studio working on a full-length project that meshes R&B and hip-hop

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