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The Come On reminisce on "Black and White TV (Redux) " [Video]

The three-person band known as The Come On deliver some nostalgia-inducing vibes on their new song "Black and White TV (Redux) ". 

Made up of songwriters Sam Barron and Mimi Oz and drummer Louis Cozza’. The band treat us to an updated version of the"Black and White TV." The guitar-driven arrangement has a sombre, retrospective feel that adds to the imagery of the lyrics. Frontman Barron's vocal style is reminiscent of The Eagles and exudes a very vintage, enthralling vibe. The storytelling is particularly engaging for its vivid take on childhood memories from the zany 70s kung-fu flicks to GodZilla movies Barron watched on channel 9 WNYW. Mimi Oz’s vocals tether the song to angelic aspirations, while Barron’s singing bonds the narrative to the realities of Earth.  They also recall the loneliness of being a latchkey kid with a single mom. As much as the song makes reference to the retro films, it honours above all the love children feel for their mother. 

For the visuals, they teamed up with the esteemed director, writer and animator Richard Mather whose animations appear in Jay Z’s Story of O.J., Rick and Morty and SNL. He merges live shots and animation to create a link between the story telling, and mind state of the frontman.  Live scenes were shot in Gainesville at the legendary Hardback Café while the band was on tour. This fall, they will release their first Full-Length album titled Checker Charlie; named after a heartless character in Kurt Vonnegut’s first novel.  Get the audio on Soundcloud.

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