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Gabriel Ryder presents a 'Dark Summer' EP

UK producer Gabriel Ryder brings a whole lot of emotions and guest vocalists on his newest EP titled 'Dark Summer', a project he described as a “journey through my state of mind while going through an episode of depression a few summers ago”.

The 6 track project may be short but sure packs a punch with it's varied/ untethered production styles. He kicks off with a laid-back cut titled "Ghost Around" with ArA Harmonic before switching things up with the instrumental pieces "Red Moon"  and "Oh S**t" which showcases his trippy, off-kilter production style. The two-part "Glow//Drowning" features singer Davina Oriakhi who delivers a solid performance over the groovy surreal backdrop before the beat changes into an introspective, moody soundscape. The following cut  "Master Roshi" exudes a Grime/UK rap vibe to an extent, while the EP title track "DarkSummer" closes out the EP in a reverent mood with a more brooding piano-driven arrangement.

Speaking about the inspiration for his DarkSummer EP, Gabriel Ryder says, “this EP was cathartic for me, in that I spilled my emotions, feelings and thoughts into the music. I was inspired by the music of Flying Lotus, Ta-ku, and others to create a project that could encapsulate my mood at the time..."

Connect with  Gabriel Ryder: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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