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Pegboard Nerds have 'Full Hearts' in their latest maniacal bass EP

Throughout what was called #NERDWEEK, Scandinavian electronic music masterminds Pegboard Nerds shared four mind-numbing releases. They include "Purple People Eater," "Escape" with Dion Timmer, "OSCar," and the highly anticipated collaboration with Knife Party called "Harpoon." Today sees the release of the full EP, Full Hearts, which features an additional track called "Steel." 

This heavy-weighted EP stands tall amongst the other Monstercat releases this year. Full Hearts is chock-full of otherworldly releases. The collaboration with Knife Party launches the EP into an electro house mayhem. While it takes more of a Knife Party feel to it, Pegboard Nerds' melodies can be heard throughout. "Steel," the shining and strong second track, moves into a distorted and glitchy drop. "Purple People Eater," "OSCar," and "Escape" with Dion Timmer finish out this eclectic and diverse EP with a total bass onslaught.   

If Pegboard Nerds continue filling their hearts at this rate, then they'll continue to grow the #NERDNATION into a global phenomenon. 

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