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Maya B is ferocious in latest alternative R&B single "Selenas"

Having now signed with Capitol Records this year, the 20-year-old rising alternative R&B artist Maya B has released her first new single under the label titled, “Selenas”. Check it out below:

In contrast to her comparatively dreamier and electro-ambient debut single, "Kiss On My Neck", this latest track is adventurous, dynamic, and sonically audacious. "Selenas" is a fresh-sounding showcase of the artist's poetic prowess and a representation of her own personal courage of conviction. Each lyric is injected with a dimension-adding dose of assertiveness creating a purposeful string of dialogue that's both raw and ferocious. Either through the fast-paced, hard-hitting melody or the undaunting vocals, there's a clear singular vision that comes across when listening to this. That's a result of Maya B both writing and producing this whole track herself. What can't she do? 

“Art was that whisper I heard at 5, telling me this is what you're meant to do. Growing up, I was stuck between quick confessions and eternal silence. I was stuck between Mom and Dad. I was stuck between breaking the mold and being cemented into the cracks. I’m still stuck to the way art touched me….Art is that feeling I get when I lose. Art was the push telling me to use this hurt as fuel. Art is spring food for my eyes while irritating my nostrils. Art is the calm sun squeezing through the blinds,waking me up and telling me, ‘get the fuck up and work’.” Maya B

Now, with a major label behind her, there's no telling what 2018 has in store for Maya B. Continue to keep a close eye on this one, if you haven't been already.  

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