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gianni & kyle's "5 Shots" is the ultimate summer party anthem [Video]

Maryland-bred, LA-fed group gianni & kyle has consistently been dropping hit after hit for a couple of years now, combining potent flows with some of the smoothest hooks you’ll ever hear on wax. Their latest shmanger, “5 Shots,” taps into this successful formula once again and provides some summery vibes that go hand-in-hand with pool parties, backyard barbecues and knocking back Henny, Don Julio, [insert hard liquor here].

"5 Shots" is also another example of gianni & kyle's penchant for accompanying their singles with top-notch videos. The flick, directed by Logan Meis, features eye-popping visuals and a hilarious micro-narrative that follows the duo and their friends to a house party where drunken shenanigans ensue.

Be on the looky for more up-tempo jams as gianni & kyle look to heat up the summer once again.

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