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Chris Malinchak returns to French Express with "What Matters" and the 'Blue' EP

Breaking the last couple years of silence, the infamous house label French Express sees producer Chris Malinchak returning to his roots with a huge new release out today. Anyone who’s anyone remembers those French Express sleek R&B samples, big booty bass lines, and soulful house gems popping up from artists like Perseus, Jonas Rathsman, Isaac Tichauer, and Moon Boots. We’re glad to see this resurrection. Is it too much to say the Blue EP arrives like a knight in shining armor?

The Blue EP is a slow-burner as a whole, but it’s worth the dreamy soundscape to the oasis of “What Matters” at the end. A total of three tracks, the Blue EP moves from its title track into “Red” before its finale. It seems like each track gives reason to move and shuffle a little more until reaching the obvious 80s hazed tropical house party that everyone’s been after called “What Matters.”

Filled with pillowed beats and the most adorable synth melodies, the overall atmospheric bliss created by Malinchak makes this an EP easy to swoon over from the start. Hopefully this means more for French Express and more for Chris Malinchak. I can’t be alone in eagerly awaiting news from either. In the meantime, Blue EP on repeat.

Connect with Chris Malinchak: Spotify | SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram 

Connect with French Express: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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