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Akinyemi and Conrad Clifton create this summer's underdog anthem, "Arose"

Leaning into the summer mood, Akinyemi and Conrad Clifton have returned with a new single titled "Arose." 

The soundscape here is quite a far cry from what we may have been accustomed to with regards to Akinyemi's past releases like the future funk "things we do" or the lo-fi influenced  "highway". Electronic producer Conrad Clifton crafts a dark, somber backdrop driven by a futuristic lead synth and a standard trap bounce. This different approach allows Akinyemi to switch up his characteristic laid-back flow. He takes it some notches with the double cadence but the subject matter is still the main focus as he talks about rising up from the worst conditions and making the best out of it.

We are not sure what project this single will be connected to or it could just be a stand-alone record for the summer.

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