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Akinyemi gets stranded on the "highway"

After dropping his latest EP 'Summers' about 2 months ago, Akinyemi teams up with director Oliver Eid to bring one of the songs on the aforementioned project to life. The song in question is the mellow, sunny afternoon vibe inducing track titled "Highway".

"Highway" was shot on the Long Island highway road, leading to Jones Beach and vividly captures the premise of the song which is literally being stuck, well in this case on the highway after a flat. The aesthetics employed also add this retro feel to the song as Akinyemi contemplates about his dilema and all the things he could have done in order to prevent his predicament.

The shoot definitely could have gone awry as he further explains the process below.

"It was one of the luckiest shoots I've ever had. We were stopped a total of three times, by three different law agencies. Park Ranger. Police. State Trooper. We told them we were shooting a "documentary" and luckily were able to get away with being on the side of the road of a highway for 4 hours. We ended the shoot with some driving scenes and the shoot was over. One day. One Shoot. Video done. " 

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