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In conversation: the extremely enigmatic iZNiiK and their new "Paradise" video [Premiere]

It's very difficult to successfully be arcane in music at the moment. In an age where all data is shared endlessly, and more, and more information becomes freely available. Even the most elusive artists such as Burial pop online occasionally. However, that being said, we're now entering a new post-human era. With humanoid AI performing concerts around the world, composing string quartets, and meeting real-life people (yes we're looking at you Sophia, Poppy and Lil Miquela). Technology is accelerating at a pace, some are concerned will reach the singularity this century. It's becoming hard to recognise who is really responsible for art. And, it becomes even harder when you get introduced to artists such as iZNiiK, simply because we really have know idea who they are, or what they might be!

But does it matter? It's always much nicer when the music does all the talking, and to be honest we're really rather smitten with iZNiiK's quirky and cute glitchy sampling. In highly catchy tracks such as "round the world" and "guitar" they've created highly innovative, fun, and enjoyable love songs. You can really see why the songs are so popular. There's something so playful in their approach, along with a clear diverse range of influence, mashed with familiar & recognisable samples. As a result it's very difficult to fit iZNiiK's music into a genre-box. The only comparison we can think of, is the feeling of opening a present on your birthday, with know idea what you're going to find inside. Only to find your best friend knows you really ruddy well, and has bought you tickets to that event. You know, the one you've been eyeing-up quietly for months

Well today EARMILK have lucked out, in both an exclusive interview with iZNiiK, as well as a premiere of their "paradise" video above. The video compliments their sound-style perfectly. Switching between bold colours, and a visual sampling of all of the different types of "paradise" we could possibly imagine; the slide guitar reminds you, you're definitely on holiday. In comes the Mbira and tribal choirs down the line, and we know we're somewhere exotic. It's a delightfully reminiscent holiday visual for the Summer, so make sure you watch it above. Definitely also catch our highly rare and unusual soundbite interview with iZNiiK below. 

1. Hi, iZNiiK pleasure to meet you. We’re a fan of your music at EARMILK. How shall we introduce you to the world? 

2. You released a trilogy of EP’s in quick succession. What can you tell us about them?
3. We’re excited to premiere your paradise video today. Could you tell us a bit about the visuals?
4. Do you have any plans for future releases? 
5. Which is your favourite song from EP1, EP2, or EP3?
6. What’s your favourite thing about making music? 
7. Who are your favourite artists?
8. What do you like to do when you’re not making music?
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