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HOLYCHILD breaks their silence with "Wishing You Away"

Fame is what you make of it. If there's any artist or group to emphasize that point, it's HOLYCHILD, the project of Liz Nistico and Louie Diller. With Diller on production and Nistico on vocals, together the duo had a storybook breakout into the world in 2013 with their track "Happy With Me." Millions of streams later, a verified viral hit, together they released three EPs to follow, as well as an LP in 2015, The Shape of Brat Pop to Come.  Since then, HOLYCHILD has popped in and out of the spotlight one release at a time to cement their branded "brat pop" into permanence.

Now we've approached the time in 2018 when we get to say "they're back," with an album on the way and a new single entitled "Wishing You Away." Like much of HOLYCHILD's music, the track has an infectious and raw appeal to it, but behind the catchy melodies is a real, raw message, internally debating whether to keep a parent who has caused past pain in current and future life. With both its danceable, summer pop elements and its thoughtful songwriting, "Wishing You Away" is a welcome return for HOLYCHILD.

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