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#WomenCrushWednesday Volume 006: Hannah Wants [Q&A + Exclusive Playlist]

With the 2018 FIFA World Cup Final on the horizon, I can't think of a better woman to feature in this series than distinguished DJ/footballer dual threat Hannah Wants. With her native England playing Croatia today for a one-way ticket to the championship in Moscow, you can bet that Hannah will be screaming bloody murder at her television for a few hours with a Newcastle in hand. And after that game, win or lose, she'll be heading to Southern California in August for her debut appearance at Splash House, the radiant music festival in Palm Springs that moonlights as a pool party utopia where you'll see more flamingo floaties than an Instagram ran by a basic named Becky.

This lady kills it. Flaunting an assiduous workhorse mentality and some downright formidable production chops, she possesses an uncanny ability to sample hip-hop and blend it with kinetic deep house rhythms. Take, for instance, her April 2013 single "Oochie Bang," which she produced alongside fellow house maven Chris Lorenzo. Sampling Nas is a daunting task, to say the least, but she audaciously cuts his 2001 classic "Oochie Wally" and flips it into a Molotov cocktail of a bass record.

Ahead of Splash House, Hannah put together an exclusive playlist for EARMILK. I also caught up with her to chat about tricks up her sleeve for the festival, new music and the women who inspire her most.

EARMILK: Let's start things off with "Bamboozle." I think that track is really special. How has the reaction from your fans been?
Hannah Wants: Thank you! Bamboozle has been working the dance floors properly since the first time I dropped it! The reaction from my fans has been great, I’m always really grateful for people's support.
E: You've mentioned that "Bamboozle" marks the start of a new chapter in your career. Why?
HW: I guess it’s taken me three to four years to find my sound as a solo artist. Over the years I made so many tracks that never made it to release or even to my USB because it never felt entirely right and then "Bamboozle" was the first record that I was like “yeah, this is me." Something just clicked and now I’m sitting on a load of fresh music that I’m proud of and I can’t wait to release.

E: As a former football player, are there any qualities you bring behind the booth that you developed from your days on the pitch?
HW: Whatever I’ve done in life I’ve always put 100 into and wanted to be the best at and that’s true in both music and football. I’m a very driven gal, if I want something I’ll work to go get it!
E: Electronic music is lush with female talent at the moment. Which women in the industry inspire you the most?
HW: Can I include my mom here? I know she isn’t in the industry but she tops the list of females that inspire me for sure! She was the person who taught me never to settle. Big up my mom! In terms of industry bods I really like Sam Divine, Fleur and Jess Bays. All quality, talented girls with a great working ethos.
E: Regarding Splash House - do you have anything special up your sleeve you can spill to our readers?
HW: Y’know what I’ve never played Splash House before so I’m hella excited to see what it’s all about, I’ve heard really goods things! In terms of my set I’m gonna be dropping a LOAD of new and unheard music of mine and I’ll be fully prepared for any kind of vibe! 

Connect with Hannah Wants: Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud | Instagram

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