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Cathedrals blend together R&B, '90s alt-rock and modern electro-pop in latest single "Behave"

San Francisco-based alt-pop duo Cathedrals are back with the release of their second single titled "Behave" from their recent partnership with SoundCloud's #SCFirst campaign. Following the release of their first single "Hits Me Like A Landslide," this latest track is an ornate and riveting work of dazzling dark-pop sound that exposes underlying themes of modern self-empowerment and sexuality. Hit play below:

Right from the start, we get a trip-hop beat tied in with a haunting organ sound to create this unique dance floor ready bounce while maintaining that sultry, haunting Cathedrals vibe. Lead singer Brodie Jenkin's vocals hit even more menacingly in small pockets of subtle pause to really draw the listener in close. A catchy guitar melody lays the track for a more distorted guitar riff that would eventually build into an explosive array of sound and emotion during the climax. Overall, "Behave" is a splendid display of 90's alt-rock nuances and sultry R&B vibes blended together into a beautiful body of work. We're excited to see what Cathedrals has in store for fans through the rest of this year's #SCFirst campaign. 

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