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Meg Myers sets sail across the "Jealous Sea" in a dark and brooding new single [Premiere]

With a new album titled, Take Me To The Disco, expected out via 300 Entertainment on July 20, singer-songwriter Meg Myers is out with the release of her latest single "Jealous Sea." Hit play below: 

Cinematically, this track is haunted by the shadows of guilt but met by a furious storm of inward aiming rage and crippling self-loathing. The ghostly melodies lay a menacing blanket for Myers' overtly expressive and powerful vocals. The lyrics of the track map out an internal graveyard of self-deprecating jealousy but we still get a sense of underlying emotional catharsis being worked out. It's an introspective masterpiece of dark-pop/alt-rock (beautiful modern Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson vibes) music and an early indication of the earnest songwriting that her upcoming new album Take Me To The Disco will surely contain. 

"This song can best be explained by a recent text message I sent my boyfriend while pms’ing. “Don’t fucking follow her. Unfucking follow her. Fine. Keep following her. And have fun with that. I’m out.” Not to mention my Venus in Scorpio." Meg Myers

Myers' 2015 debut album, Sorry, was a truly cathartic body of work and a splendid showcase from the constantly evolving musician. With her exploding vocal delivery and live performance, Myers continues to finely tune her craft each year whether we're hearing her screaming or crooning. In just the last two weeks, Myers has played sold-out shows at both NYC's Mercury Lounge and the Echo in LA. 

Connect with Meg Myers: Spotify | Facebook | Twitter 

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